Donate for a cause

Help us improve the Life of people by donating for a good cause.We call upon people who can come forward and help us make the life of some under previleged people better.
We would like to have many hands come forward to do the below mentioned good causes

1.Books ::
Come forward and help people become more literate and lead meaningful knowledge.Donate books.

2.Clothes ::
One of the basic needs of human being and still these need is lost in the rural area.Help make a difference by donating clothes.

3.Education ::
Again we would like to call upon people who can bring up education of a rural student who has the caliber to become a officer but cannot due to financial problems.Through this cause we want the good souls to take up education of a boy/girl and help him become a good human being.

4.Computers ::
In this age of computerisation why leave our brothers and sisters in rural area untouched of this good evolution.Here we would advice help to donate computers for the betterment of the rural people to accostum to the urban technology.

5.Conduct classes ::
Some people who are left uneducated due to family problems can have privilege to get a session on some basic living chapters.We would like you to come forward and do the holy job of preaching/teaching.

6.Donate Foot wears ::
Even now if one goes to rural regions,one can see people walking the hot streets/farms bear footed.Why allow our ones who grow crops and food for us to settle down with struggled life.We can make there life/work simpler and convinient by doing a simple but important cause.

7.Donate sports/Gym items ::
India’s talent is hidden in rural areas and we need to find those and brush them up to bring them up.Many boys and girls in village are talented in there own way might be sports or studies.We can manage there talent by providing the raw material.He call upon people to donate sports items to schools and exercise items to Gyms.

8.Thoughts and ideas ::
Donation is not only in the form of things or money,it can be too and fro of thoughts.From this section we would like people to donate their thoughts and ideas to us to improve our social work and help achieve substantial progress.Come and contribute to the holy cause.

Shivraj Bhosale-Patil

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