Bharat Swabhiman

Let’s go to Delhi !
Let’s go to Delhi !!
Time to Wakeup now.
Param Pujya Swami ji will start Fast upto death:
Dear nationalist brothers/sisters
After the highly successful programs of Bharat Swabhiman Movement on 30 January, 27 February and 23 March, the movement is on critical juncture. Your support is highly desired in this fight for truth.
Swamiji will start fast upto death from June 4 at Ramlila maidan. He’ll be supported by his valiant workers,disciples of Bharat Swabhiman. Give your support to this movement.
– Mukhya Kendriya Prabhari , Dr. Jaydeep Arya, Rakesh Kumar, Bahin Suman

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Three demands for national cause
About 400 Lac Crore of Black money, which is national property. Country must get it back.
Legislation of strong Lokpal Bill to completely remove corruption
Removal of foreign governing system in independent Bharat so that everyone can get social and economical justic.

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