Future Programmes

1) Religious tour of Devi Mahalaxmi, Jotiba, narsinwadi, Eleven Maruti of Ramdas swami etc darshan in shravan month.
2) Parivarthan trust Swami Samarth Prathistapna sohla at koulge village.
3) Krushi Melava ,Agricultural guidance seminar in presence of renowned successful expert farmers, government officers sponsored by Godrej fertilizers.
4) Health and Hygiene guidance seminar with expert doctors , Blood donation, Blood group check up and Hemoglobin check test for ladies.
5) Computer training classes viz language like C, C++, Internet browsing.
6) Education adoption programme for school , college going needy students.
7) MPSC/UPSC guidance classes by Prof Ingale from Kolhapur.
8) “Art Of Living” Shibir (Free for the villagers) by Dr.Rajshree Patil and others.
9) Local level ladies Rangoli sparda on any festival.

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